Tux Fun!

Noah's tux for his Senior Prom arrived a couple of days early so it seemed like a great opportunity to take some moody images with him dressed up with his viola (and of course, fog).

Noah Sr Portrait  2691.jpg

West Seneca East Prom 2018

Here's a few images from the West Seneca East Senior High pre-Prom party.  

To see more of the images (9 total) please click on the "WSE Prom 2018" link on my Homepage.

Hope you enjoy them!

WSE Prom 2018  2394.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2402.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2411.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2437.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2419.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2429.jpg
WSE Prom 2018  2456.jpg

Star Wars night.

Last week East Middle School held a Star Wars night for the fifth grade students and their families.  It was a fun event with character actors, a showing of "A New Hope" on the big screen in the auditorium, and popcorn and refreshments.  The price of admission was a non-perishable food item to benefit the local food pantry.  There was a large turnout and the event was a success. 

Here's some portraits I took of the characters.  

Star Wars Night E Mid 2135C1 140.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2145C1 140.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2146C1 140.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2149C1 140.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2152C1 140 1.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2158C1 140.jpg
Star Wars Night E Mid 2172C1 140.jpg

Lumagination 2018

Always LOVE attending the annual Lumagination event at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens with Emma.  She's amazing!  The compositions she comes up with that I didn't even see!  Good to see my friends Keith Foss and Rick Tripi as well.  

Here's some of my images from the event.

Lumagination 2018 1065C1 140 1.jpg
Lumagination 2018 1346C1 140.jpg
 This one was Emma's idea!

This one was Emma's idea!



Lumagination 2018 1016C1 140.jpg
Lumagination 2018 1015C1 140 1.jpg
Lumagination 2018 1299C1 140 1.jpg

Some portrait fun!

What do you do to beat the cold winter blues?  Set up a black back drop and have a friend over to play around with light for some dramatic portraiture.  Here's a few from that session with Ray Ball Jr.

Ray Jr Headshot 1403C1 140.jpg
Ray Jr Headshot 1469C1 140.jpg
Ray Jr Headshot 1563C1 140 1.jpg



Hamburg Train Station Details...

I attended a photography workshop with acclaimed photographer Bill Fortney last weekend where we roamed around the old train station in Hamburg.  Here's some of my images from the shoot.

Hope you like them.

Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 820C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 905C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 639C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 695C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 708C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 712C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 755C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 839C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 870C1.jpg
Train Shoot with Bill Fortney 883C1.jpg

Abraham Lincoln Battalion, Spain 1937...

The Abraham Lincoln Battalion were American volunteers who served in the Spanish Civil War as soldiers, technicians, medical personnel and aviators.  They fought with the Spanish Republican forces against General Francisco Franco and his Spanish Rebel Faction from 1936-1938.  Approximately 3000 volunteers were involved.  The last known surviving member Delmer Berg died on February 28, 2016 at the age of 100. 

WWI shoot179C1.jpg
WWI shoot276C1.jpg
WWI shoot265C1 1.jpg

Band of Brothers

Did a Band of Brothers WWII themed shoot with our good friend Ray in the fields behind his house.  Noah did an excellent job of manning the fog machine to get the look I was after.  One flash with a grid and 1/2 CTO.  I couldn't decide between the B&W or color image so I posted them both.

Hope you enjoy!

 color version

color version

Rainbow Falls, NC

Here's a couple of images from Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina where my family and I spent a week celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  Great trip!  Great time with family!

Civil War portrait fun...

Here's an image from a Civil War themed group portrait session from this past weekend.  Ray and Noah.  Two flashes - one on Noah and one on Ray, both with 1/4 CTO gels and grids.  

Hope you enjoy!!

A Memorial Day tribute...

Our friend and fellow re-enactor Ray Ball visited Forest Lawn Cemetery on Memorial Day to pay tribute to all of the fallen heroes by playing "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipe.  Here are a few images...

Forest Lawn Cemetery, Memorial Day 2017...

Memorial Day is for remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for this country to ensure the freedoms we hold so dear.  

We had the distinct honor of participating in a ceremony at the Grand Army of the Republic Monument in Forest Lawn Cemetery to honor our fallen heroes.

Take a moment out of your busy schedules to visit a cemetery and read aloud the names inscribed on the grave markers of these soldiers.  This is a way to show them that they are not forgotten and to thank them for their selfless sacrifice.