A Forgotten Gem...Hull House

The Hull House located at the intersection of Genesee Street and Pavement Road in the town of Lancaster is the oldest stone dwelling in Erie County, New York.  It was built in 1810 by Warren Hull for his family.  It is a unique piece of local history.  The Farmstead includes the house and a barn, animal pens and the family cemetery which resides deep in the woods. 

The Hull House Foundation sponsored a Civil War Twilight Tour which had visitors escorted through the house and grounds by candlelight.  The grounds were illuminated by lanterns and several stops along the path showcased events from that time in history.

The historical incident that our group was part of involved a young William McKinley bringing rations to his famished troops.  He was commander of the 23rd Ohio Infantry who's men were exhausted and hungry after days of heavy fighting during the Battle of Antietam.  "Billy" McKinley risked his life to bring his men rations consisting of coffee and hardtack (crackers).  

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