Congratulations Boys of Summer Band!

On Thursday October 8th, The Boys of Summer Band was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.  They have been performing together for 25 years and continue to entertain a large, loyal fan base with their diverse set lists and fun party-time music.  Each member is an exceptional musician, and together their musical chops and rich harmony vocal style put them in a league of their own.  They are enjoyed by fans of all ages.  

The band plays 150-175 shows a year including public, private weddings, and corporate gigs.  This is not their first award as the band has received over 20 previous awards in the Buffalo Music Awards and People's Choice Awards.  It's members have also received individual awards.  

Its present members are Jimmy Weldy (founder and original member), Steve and Gary Edmonds (original members), Don Lorentz, and David Green.   

Those of you who have not seen this band play live are truly missing out!

Congratulations Boys!!