Little Red Schoolhouse Civil War Day 2015

We participated in the Civil War Day event at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Lancaster last weekend.  The weather was cold but the participants and the visitors were excited to be there.  Generals Grant and Lee, President Lincoln, the 21st Georgia Rebels, the Company A US Engineers were available for weapon firing demonstrations, and to teach about the soldier's uniforms and daily lives.  A Union Medic talked about the crude battlefield first aid and medicine of the time period.  There was a friendly load and fire competition between a Confederate infantryman and a Union Engineer.  The outcome was the same as the outcome of the war itself.  Fun!

This is a small but very nice event.  It allows you to get up close and personal with the re-enactors who are happy to talk about their roles in the War and about re-enacting in general.  You can also go inside the old schoolhouse.

Here are some images from the event.  Go to the gallery "Little Red Schoolhouse 2015" to see more...