Autumn in Gettysburg, PA

Had the opportunity to visit Gettysburg, PA in mid October on my way back from training for my job in Newark, DE.  As a photographer, it's a dream to visit a place like this during near-peak color.  Some parts of the Battlefield Park were near or past peak color while other parts were just beginning to change.  It was very busy with tourists as I would expect this time of year.  I was able to catch a sunset and one sunrise as I only stayed overnight.  It was a thrill to be standing on Little Round Top at 5:50am before sunrise and be able to watch the sunlight sweep across Devil's Den and the surrounding fields!

As much a s I enjoyed this opportunity, still something was lacking.  It just wasn't the same being there without my son, Noah, and The Engineers of Company A.  This place is very special to us and is the favorite place for Noah and I to visit together.  

It's also an honor to visit as a member of an event involving the Civil War Re-enactors.  They are a dedicated group who are committed to honoring this hallowed ground and those who fought on both sides to defend their positions here. 

Here's some images from the trip.  

...More to come...