Fire on the Genesee

This past weekend a Civil War event was held at Letchworth State Park.  This was a really fun event!  For two days visitors had the opportunity to walk through both Union and Confederate camps and talk with soldiers from both sides to get an idea of what a soldier's life was like in the 1860's.  

The Engineers led by Artificer Luke Eames were busy building a Gabion and a Cheval de Frise to be used on the battlefield.  Luke instructed Private Parker Ball on how to shape the spikes for the Cheval de Frise and Private Noah Luthart on how to build the Gabion.  They also were training on the Mountain Howitzer Cannon with Robert Yott and served as artillery specialists for both battles.  Thanks to all for a fun filled weekend!  

Thank you Rob and Luke for "outfitting me" so I could take photographs from a different perspective.  

Below are some examples of photos from the event.  

See the gallery "Fire on the Genesee" to see more images...    

Letchworth Civil War Days-407.jpg
Letchworth Civil War Days-910.jpg