Brothers In Arms...

The US Co. A Engineers were proud to be a part of the Whitcher gravesite re-dedication in Glenwood Cemetery in Lockport on Veteran's Day this year.  

The monument is to honor the lives of George Harrison Whitcher and his two brothers, Orville Bailey Whitcher, and Daniel Whitcher.  They fought to preserve the Union during the Civil War.  This monument had fallen into disrepair.  It needed a new foundation, was in seven pieces and needed proper cleaning once reassembled.  

The Vietnam Veterans of America, Niagara County Chapter 268 of Lockport raised over $2100 to complete the repairs and restoration of the monument.

George Harrison Whitcher died at Cemetery Ridge while repelling Picket's Charge on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.  His body was never found and is believed to be buried in one of the mass graves on the battlefield.  He was a private in Company A, 7th Regiment of the Michigan Infantry.

Orville Bailey Whitcher suffered a gunshot wound to the left knee during the Battle of Cold Harbor.  This required amputation of his left leg.  He died several days later from complications of the wound/surgery.  He is buried at Alexandria National Cemetery in Virginia.  He was a Corporal in Company M of the New York 8th Heavy Artillery Regiment. 

Daniel Whitcher was a Sergeant with Battery B of the Michigan 1st Light Artillery.  He survived the war and is buried in Glenwood Cemetery.